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Karrik Bursary



Karrik Bursary

At Trinity College we are particularly proud of our Indigenous Program, which allows us to provide a Trinity education to students of an Aboriginal background. In conjunction with outside sponsors, the College is currently sponsoring over 30 Aboriginal students.

Indigenous students have been enrolled at Trinity since 1966, with a formal policy enacted at the College in 1994 to reflect the percentage of indigenous people (3%) in the wider community.

The Indigenous Program provides a vibrant learning environment and over the years has supported many students in shaping a successful career path. We would like to extend the advantages offered by this program to an increased number of Indigenous students.

The Karrik Bursary has been created to empower Indigenous students to build a future through quality education and career pathways in unison with a corporate sponsor.  In sponsoring an Indigenous student, you will not only give him the opportunity to achieve his highest potential, but also be involved with his progress every step of the way.

We hope that you will consider this opportunity to stimulate and enrich the options offered to Indigenous students at Trinity College.

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