The Library Home Page – The Library has its own website which allows access to all of our online resources as well as keeping everyone up to date with what is going on in the College Library.

Wellbeing Guide – When you are spending more time at home than ever before, this Well Being Guide is full of fun and entertaining online activities that can happen at home. Categories include: Virtual Tours, Fitness, Quizzes and Puzzles, Get Creative, Mindfulness, Listen Up, and Competitions. This is a massive topic, so although there are lots on there already, look out for more to come as we are still constructing this one! 

The Parent Guide to ClickView – The College subscribes to ClickView which is an online curriculum and video resource. ClickView content is produced right here in Australia and is curated and aligned for the Australian Curriculum. The content is put together with the help of educators and has relevance for all levels of learning. This guide gives step-by-step instructions for logging in, searching and accessing these materials. All Trinity students can access ClickView materials using school credentials. The usage figures for this service have been fantastic over the last two weeks, indicating the quality of resources available.

Books to Film and TV on ClickView – Following on from the above information about ClickView, this guide provides links to film and television series’ available on ClickView which started life as books. This guide separates the available viewing into different genres e.g. Children and Family; Action and Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Horror; Sci-Fi and Fantasy; Anime and Comics. This is akin to Netflix bur completely free!

BorrowBox – For many years the College has been steadily building up an electronic library collection as well as the physical library collection here at the College. All of these electronic resources – eBooks and eAudioBooks are available via the BorrowBox system. The guide below gives the steps to download the app; sign in online and how to search for materials. BorrowBox has a fantastic range of books suitable for children, young adults and adults. Every Trinity College student can log in using their school credentials. If you missed the chance to get to your local public library, this is a fantastic resource. We are just about to place another order for more materials, so keep an eye out for new items being added!

English Class Novel Guides – All of the novels that are currently being studied as part of the English Curriculum – Year 7 to Year 12 – have their own Novel Guide to assist with analysing and understanding these texts. These can all be accessed via one guide.We have just completed a new one on the novel – The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

All class novels -

The Outsiders –


Subject Specific Research Guides – many of the assessments that the students have been set have an accompanying LibGuide to go with it. These provide quality resources for students to access to help with getting started. The guides focus on age-appropriate resources as well as a variety of resources to suit many different learning styles.

Example: the whole collection – search by subject or peruse all of the guides:

Instagram – The Trinity Senior Library also has its own Instagram account in which we post things we think will be interesting to our students @tc_seniorlibrary Any interested students and parents should log in follow us for updates.

Book Clubs – all of our year level Book Clubs have gone online via Teams for the boys to ‘meet’ and ‘chat’ books. Each member should have received an email invitation from the respective staff member in charge of that year's level. If your son attended the Year 7 meeting but did not receive an invite – please let us know and we can rectify this. On Thursday morning, the Year 12 Book Club had a video chat online and caught up with everything important to the Year 12 Book Clubbers!

Book Collection Service – Finished all of your current books? We can assist! The last two weeks of Term 1, saw many students email requests for books to be picked up. This will continue in the short term for students who are remote learning from home. Any College community member who would like to borrow some books is very welcome to do so. Starting on Wednesday of Week 1, collections will be available from the downstairs entrance to the Senior School Library after 3:30pm – Monday to Friday and please respect the social distancing practices. Please browse the catalogue here and email the library a list of resources you would like to borrow to a list of resources you may like to borrow along with which day you would like to collect. The library will reply to acknowledge receipt of your wish list and let you know if there are any issues (a green tick means the book is available and a red cross means it is already on loan)

Please note collections can only happen after 3:30pm on Monday to Friday afternoons.

BookFace and Literally Awesome Competitions – part of the Wellbeing Guide includes a Competition page where the details of two entertaining online competitions have been uploaded. Check out this page for details on how to get involved in the BookFace and Literally Awesome Competitions. To get you started some of the staff on campus this week have jumped on board with BookFace to give you some ideas (keep checking in as there are more photos to come!). Click on the April tab to see what you can do at home!

Year 7 Reading Log – if you have a Year 7 student who is making the best of some extra down time and reading, he can download this page here from the reading log and continue to fill in the details. This will help him keep up to date with his reading log, maintain his points score and more importantly get straight to prize collection when we return from remote learning.


Ms Alison Mackenzie
Head of Library Services